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Note to CMO: Flanker Brands, Sergio Zyman and Unfair Advantages

TweetDear CMO: “Snapple was a freight train. Everybody was saying in those days colas are dead everybody’s dead and this is the new stuff. We came up with this brand Fruitopia. I remember a reporter asking at a press conference, saying this is a me-too brand. And I said, you bet this is a me-too […]

Note to CMO: Jim Koch & What Giants Can’t Do

TweetDear CMO: “Could a giant do what we do? It would be difficult because it’s not what they’re good at. They’re good at mass producing, very cost effectively, beers that appeal to the mass market… it’s not outside their capabilities, but it’s like McDonalds… could McDonalds make filet mignon? Sure, but it’s not the business they’re […]

Note to CMO: Joe Louis, Billy Conn and the Importance of Focus

Tweet  In June of 1941, Joe Louis was fighting a losing fight against light heavyweight champion Billy Conn at the Polo Grounds in New York in what has been described as the greatest fight in boxing history. Louis was at the height of his power and abilities. But Conn, at 169 pounds – an almost […]