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Note to CMO: Seizing the Microphone in Difficult Times

TweetDear CMO: While drafting up what is currently looking like Chapter 8 in Killing Giants, I stumbled upon an interesting comparison of targeting that bears further discussion. Who we choose to talk to in our market is a pretty significant and strategic choice we make, as is how we choose to communicate. We often read […]

Note to CMO: Don’t Fall in Love with Typeface

TweetDear CMO: I had the chance to catch up with writer, inventor, speaker and philosopher Roger van Oech on the phone last week. Roger has been very helpful in shepherding Killing Giants along, which is a euphemistic expression for ‘keeping me on track.’ In his gentle manner, Roger warned me about the pitfalls of what Robert […]

Note to CMO: Winning the Micro Game in a Macro Disaster

TweetDear CMO: Don’t read the paper. Forget looking at Drudge. Skip the news entirely. They’re all going to tell you that the world is going straight to hell without the benefit of the handbasket that we paid 0% down on only a few short years ago. You can win at a micro level, regardless of […]