Complex problems call for more than cookie cutter approaches.

You’re facing a Goliath and need to craft the right strategy to leverage your strengths while putting your larger competitor in an awkward position.

You’ve got assets in hand that represent the makings of a real competitive advantage. You just aren’t sure that they’re being used to their best effect.

You want to make sure your attack strategy isn’t missing a critical element that’s hiding in plain sight – or perhaps you need a marketing agency using the best tools and the most cutting-edge psychological thinking tools to come in and launch the whole thing for you.

Regardless of whether you need an open ended relationship with a trusted insider or a half-day or day-long workshop to help your team think through its options, contact me and let’s talk.

How to get a 33% return – when everyone else is hoping for 3%.

How to change hearts and minds and get a 500% ROI – with no drop-off after the program ends.