The AIM Program

Activate, Incentivize, and Monetize Your Channel Partner Relationships



The AIM Program solves the 3 biggest problems most channel-focused brands – and channel executives – have.

#1. “We can’t get into the conversation.”

For most channel-focused brands, this is the biggest problem of all. The channel partner “owns” the customer and the brand struggles to get their message heard. The deals are happening, but they only hear about them when they’re closed.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead, you were part of the deal up front, collaborating with the channel partner? Of course it would. AIM helps this happen – quickly.


#2. “We need to generate leads – quickly.”

High quality leads are the oxygen of business and it’s marketing’s job to keep them flowing – and it’s not easy. Every channel marketing executive wants more leads – qualified leads – and a tighter relationship with partner sales organizations. Because if these things are happening, things like career stability and overall happiness tend to improve, too.

We don’t have time for ‘Nice to have’ investments – we need something that generates highly qualified leads – quickly – so that the oxygen keeps flowing in your company. AIM does this for you – after all, we generated 400 enterprise leads in 4 weeks for one customer recently.


#3. “Our partner salespeople can’t even pitch our newest products right – it’s all just sputtering nonsense.”

Most partner salespeople have a dozen lines to sell – and only a handful drive their revenue targets (and thus their personal incomes). The other lines? Not much attention. We don’t need them to become experts here – and they won’t sit still long enough for ‘Death by Power Point’ – but they do need to be confident enough to start the conversation.

Is it possible to get them “pitch-trained” enough to be able to confidently present your solution? Yes – that’s one of the many things AIM does.


At least one of these three problems resonates with you, right?

Is solving this messy problem worth investing a few minutes of your time?

Tell me about what you’re facing in the contact form below and let’s start a conversation.